Maker Project by Cindy Ly

So we all know PLTW is a pretty laid back class as long as you get your work done. I’ve even heard some claim that they have so much free time and can do whatever they want since they finished modules quickly.

But, now instead of modules we are expected to make something for the Maker Faire that will happen in April. It adds another layer to the class. We have to think about something that will be of use to people’s needs or wants. These are valuable business skills because there are only some consumers who buy things they don’t need or want. And, that’s probably due to false advertising. (Getting kind of off topic, sorry)

Our class formed many groups of project ideas and are collaborating to create many different products. At first I was interested in making a magazine with some of my peers, but decided to join the catapult group.

Prior to actually submitting the application, we just wanted to build a catapult for fun. Then we realized that it could serve a purpose for athletes. It could throw balls at longer distances for them to practice.

When making anything, there is a lot of planning and thinking ahead to do. My group and I had to think about the materials, the blue print, prototype, and the actual building process and assembly.

We are just starting of course, so right now we are working on Illustrator to create the parts and laser print them. Laser printing gives precision and requires less time than you invested in drawing the parts. It is much better than just cutting them out.

There is only a few weeks until Maker Faire and still lots to do. We must keep persevering and work hard! Fighting~!

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