Learning to use Tools

Pltw (project lead the way) is all about doing projects and learning how to have constraints and using tools.Learning how to use dangerous tools was actually fun, even though i was afraid to try them i ended up loving the feeling of using the tools.

I learned how to use a miter saw which was pretty scary because the sensation of the saw shaking and you having to push hard enough so the tools force would not push it up.

I also learned to use the drill bit which was really cool even though the spinning circle could fly out and hit you in the face if you did not use it the proper way.But it was cool how we made the circle on the wood you just have to place your circle exactly on 5/16 drill hole.


Another tool was the jigsaw i actually enjoyed using that tool it was so much fun cutting our wood for our bird house and its not as scary as the other tools, other than the fact that you can cut your finger on all of the tools.


Overall,i enjoyed using those tools because they helped me and my group create our bird house which came out great and looked great and is know a home for a bird.


Karla Jaramillo

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