Making An Understanding

By Bella Roberts

This is an example diagram of a maglev train. (This is not the diagram for our train)

Real Maglev Train

As we start to enter the last few months of school I have been spending a lot of time recalling my past experiences at Ann Richards, and in the makerspace. I have realized that they have taught me so much and I feel quite comfortable using the skills that I have learned to challenge my own abilities and the ones of people around me.

In between all of the soul searching that I have been doing, I find myself coming back to my maker project and how it is effecting my experience in the makerspace greatly. I am really enjoying it as we embark on bringing our ideas to life, which is one of the best parts! My team and I are creating a maglev train, which we will produce by laser cutting pieces of wood and putting them together to make carts of a train. Then we will attach magnets to the carts and onto a track. The magnets should create a magnetic field and by doing this we hope to make the train carts float above the track and eventually move along the track.

While continuing this project I am thinking about the process that we are going through and the challenges that we have yet to face. I am realizing that down the road we may face more problems that we should prepare ourselves for. I do not mean to doubt our project but at the same time I am catching myself getting nervous at the possibility of not finishing or failing. So, it is important for us to stay on task and try our best, but I have to realize that it is okay to make mistakes and that they can lead us to making even bigger accomplishments. This project has taught me a lot of things and this understanding with myself was a really important one.

Our train is meant to display ideas and innovations for the future and inspire the idea of new technology in the world. We hope that the image of our maker project will help convey these messages and we are starting to focus more on including them in our design.

This maker project is helping me to recognize and understand so many things, but I think one of the most important things and one that I hope all of you remember is that all of the experiences that you go through, the problems that you solve, and the discoveries that you make are necessary to the process of bringing your ideas to life.

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