A First Date With the Makerspace by Sara Pacheco

A first date is an outing with the opposite party, to release tensions, and to get to know each other. That’s what the Construction and Fabrication Basics Module was for me. A first date. And like most first dates, they’re meant to be shared amongst others.

The blades, that’s what scared me the most about the Makerspace, when I first saw it. The way the blade spun made my head get swarmed with images of the blade chopping off my arm. Luckily, we didn’t jump into cutting wood straight away. The first thing to do, before the first date, is to give yourself a pep-talk, get rid of the anxious zoo at the pit of your stomach, and of course, make yourself presentable.

So, that’s what we did. We gave ourselves a pep-talk that went along the lines of, “If you follow all the directions for using the tools, your arm won’t get chopped off.” After giving ourselves this little talk and getting rid of the anxiousness, we presented ourselves to our date, (the makerspace) with a little previous knowledge and clammy hands. First things first, we had to learn what the tools were named and where they were. Once we could name all the tools, we were off to cut lumber, for our first challenge.

Typically, you would go to your best friend for advice on how to approach the opposite party. We, on the other hand, went to Mrs.Sauter. We learned all the precautions and how the tools worked. Let’s just say I will never forget to keep my hand off the “no hand zone”. Once we cut out the lumber , we were given, a round head screw, a countersunk screw, a hex bolt, washer, and two nails. We were supposed to put these into our newly built lumber blocks. Thankfully, Mrs.Sauter, didn’t leave it all to us, she was there to caution and correct us.

The first date was over. Personally, I could say that I became more enthusiastic when it came to using power tools. I was positive there was going to be a second date. We were put to the test, with our newly found abilities, to create a birdhouse based on Texan birds. Sadly, the second date is a story I’ll save for later.

I have to admit, it was terrifying, but eventually I got through it and felt safer cutting wood or lumber. Suddenly, I became to using new tools in the Makerspace. This module helped me, not only that, it taught me all the steps of a first date, and got me ready for the engineering pathway. In engineering, you will obviously use big tools, and you have to get comfortable with them. Every single thing you try or do should be like a first date, full of questions to be answered, tensions to be released, and knowing that you won’t get your arm chopped off if you don’t follow the correct directions and precautions.

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