Changing Plans

Hey everyone, Maite here. I wanted to talk to y’all today about the change and evolution of our plans and ideas on our projects. As we begin to work on our maker projects more deeply, my group and I realized there was room for lots of change and improvement. Our original plan was to make a fashion line or piece of clothing with some sort of lighting.


As we kept working it changed to a t shirt with some sort of LED light design. We stopped thinking about changing the plan and just working on it. We continued finding our materials and such and when the Intel people came to see what we were working on and talk to us, we came to the decision that we needed to add some things to make our ideas better. Mrs. Sauter also gave us the idea of having our t-shirt support some social issue or have some purpose other than to simply light up. Something people will want it for.


So as we got rid of some parts of our project, and added some others, our project became much better. We now have a much more solid plan, with lots of materials and technology we know we will use. Also, we are making our t-shirt to support gay rights and equality. Now instead of having no purpose our project stands for something as well. So what I’m saying is, change is good! Don’t be afraid to get rid of some ideas, or throw out new crazy ones!

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