Rube Goldberg By: Marissa Pedroza

Right now in PLTW two classmates and I are making a Rube Goldberg machine and to those of you who just went. “what’s a Rube Goldberg machine?”. A Rube Goldberg is a machine that malfunctions in a certain way to do something or make something. Our Rube Goldberg will be displayed at the Makerfair.

The materials we used for this project are:

  • candy? Maybe? 
  • A dinosaur?
  • ketchup holders
  • popsicle sticks
  • glue \ tape
  • spoon
  • dominos
  • 3D printing
  • plastic water bottles

This invention was my idea I saw it on a commercial for Disney channel and I have always wanted to make one since I was little. So to be able to do this project it was so cool and fun! I enjoyed it with my classmates Angelica and Aileen. They were a big help. This project would have taken forever and over the summer I want to make more of these machines because this was really fun and I recommend it for you to make. This project took us a lot of time and we had so many drafts because we had to create possible solutions. Even though we are still building it we hope it comes out well!

Steps to making a rube goldberg machine: (1) you draw drafts and think of the pros and cons (3-5)  (2) start  gathering the materials needed for this project (we used materials that were cheap you can find anything whatever fits your needs. We were upcycling materials and a little bit of recycling because it doesn’t hurt) (3) start building (have fun) (4) once you’re finished  enjoy your project have fun with it. Use it often, and try to build you machine with purpose so that you can use it like ours gives you candy. This project should NOT be stressful!

If you would like to see our invention go to the Makerfair and you can see it for FREE! This invention took us a lot of time to make so if you could please respect it. Thank you!

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