Lions and LittleBits and…LED Shirts? by: Alyssa D.

Hello all! Welcome to my latest and greatest blog post! Come along on this journey on my groups latest module. During these last few weeks, our group has chosen the computer science module *cue gasping*. It’s actually a lot less scary than I thought it would be. Little Bits is basically just hands on coding, so scary computer business, just little magnets connecting to see what they do.

We came upon this module when we were scrolling through the PLTW haiku page looking for a module we hadn’t done yet. We were looking through the engineering modules and we came across computer science. At first we thought “it’s computer science, it’s going to be boring, and just coding. we’re not doing that.” But then, we asked someone if they had done the module, and they had said it was so fun and it was great. So we checked it out, and automatically fell in love and said “we have to do this.”

While we were doing our module, we also had to be moving on with our maker project and application. We had to fill out the Maker Application, and be assembling/thinking of an idea of something to make with our Little Bits.

Our maker project is a grand idea. Not only are we using our imagination for a new product, but we are also including a social issue. We are making an LED t-shirt that lights up and supports gay rights. We are also asking the GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) at our school if they wanted to make anything to hand out as we are modeling our shirts at the Makerama this year. they will probably just make a small pamphlet or something.

So in conclusion, please, do not be afraid of the words COMPUTER SCIENCE because the chances are, you’re more scared of them than they are of you. Just ask around and make sure it is something you love though. Don’t just jump head first into something you don’t know anything about. Signing off, :).image

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