Creativity in Engineering

Hello fellow engineers, artists, and others,

A question may be floating around in your minds. You might be thinking, “How can I be creative with boring old engineering?” Engineering is actually largely creativity and open-mindedness. You need to be able to look at something and think, “What if…” you need to see something and think of what it could be used for or could be transformed into. In order to create something new, you need to be able to bend reality and materials in your mind and think of other worldly ideas. One seemingly idiotic idea could be revolutionary. You never know.

Yes, people might call you an idiot and laugh in your face. Yes, you might epically fail, but that is what helps build identity and success. If you have never failed, how can you learn? How can you possibly grow? A wise guy once said, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” That wise guy is the one and only Albert Einstein! 





Albert Einstein, who is often times considered the smartest man in the world, believed in creativity and knowledge. He believed that both were needed for success. In this case, and many others, he was correct. Well, sort of. Not all jobs need creativity or knowledge, but for engineering, you need both. If you do not have knowledge, you could waste your time or possibly kill yourself doing stupid things. Some people lose their creativity as they age, but my question for you is why. Why do people lose their creativity? Why is creativity and imagination considered childish? What I have learned in my PLTW class is that you need to balance out work and play. If you are too busy to play, have fun while you work. I am one of those people who can even be creative with algebra. I make my work paper into a puzzle, basically.


My challenge for you is to find another purpose for 10 things this week. Be silly and creative with this. Let your inner child out and play. Use a pencil for a sword fight, a piece of fabric for a belt, and I think that’s enough examples. I’m going to leave you and your brains to think about what could be “misused.”

Well, keep calm and dream on,

Regina S.

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