Change Happens

Update on my Make-O-Roma project. The organizer thing is long gone. I still want to build a piece of furniture but I wanted something that would be bigger. I still wanted to do something that helps to make bathrooms more organized and clean looking. Then, I am making a whole cabinet that can be used in several ways.

Ways to use:

-As a Dresser

-As a Desk

-As a Vanity (My favorite).

I like for everything to have a place that I can remember or if I forget and can’t find something I can easily find when looking. So far, I have made a prototype that came out almost exactly how I wanted. Considering I have never built Vanity before it looked really good.


With the exception that I forget to consider the assembly process. I didn’t think how each piece was going to fit together and which piece goes on top of which.  That is way prototypes are awesome. I smoothed out all my flaws before i could mess up big time on the final piece. I really like design and construction, which for so reason surprised me. Finding something that you are good and you like makes you feel really good. Make you feel you are worth something. With this project so far i have had some really enjoyable moments after I overcome a challenge. Challenges are what keeps me going.  

Then another change was upon. I realized I was shooting a little to high. I found a better project that fits me better. I wanted something crafty, fun, cute. I have finally found THE project. Cute animal step stools that have engraved with details. 

Savannah Currey

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