Little Bits

For this module we used Little Bits. We used this to create a little lion with a light bulb in its mouth. To prepare for the challenge of creating the lion, we had to work with the little bits for about an hour to become familiar with the parts. Then we had to design a product that would use the technology of Little Bits to make it move in some way.

Practicing with the Little Bits took some getting used to. It was hard to understand all the different ways that you could combine the different pieces. It was hard to just dive in and begin working with them. One of the first things our group created was a tickle machine, which had a battery attached to some pieces that would move quickly back and forth, like a windshield wiper. We then inserted a feather to this, so that way if you put it near someone it would tickle them. Using this same parts, we removed the feather and put a paper hand over the part. This made it into a waving hand. There are thousands of ways to manipulate the Little Bits, you just have to get creative with the final outcome.

Our challenge 2 creating with the little bits was a small lion with its mouth open. In the mouth, we had fit a small LED light, so it would appear that the lion is roaring. We attached a colorful lion head to a small plastic box. We then put all of the Little Bits into the box, so they were safely tucked away. It took us a while to come up with a fun, and cool idea. We wanted it to be simple but thoughtful. We bounced a couple of ideas around, but this is the final one we decided on.

I’m glad we decided on our lion because it combined two very important ideas: Art and technology. I think it is important to have these two concepts hand in hand, because you need one to have the other. You have to have the creativity of the art, to go along with the innovation of technology. With the newly created STEAM acronym, we wanted to put some focus on the Art. I think it shows clearly in our work.

IMG_6500 (1)

For our maker project which my group will be starting next week, we will continue to combine technology with different ideas. We want to combine fashion and technology, to have unique outcome. Details are to come with our final project, but we hope that it will be like our final module: interesting, fun, and fresh.

-Georgia H.

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