When I’m Older… (By:Yenifer De Lara Gutierrez)

I want to be an architect.

I want to prove to the world females are capable of great things. I want to prove females are equal, or slightly better than men. It’s possible. Some women have already proved or surpassed the standards. I’ve heard that there’s going to be many job and/or career opportunities involving engineering…

You’re probably asking ‘What does this have to do with PLTW class?’ My answer; everything… well, pretty much just the engineering module. The fact that The Ann Richards School focuses on STEM and stuff symbolizes something: its important. Where’s the importance without the attention?

Engineering (and sciences and arts) are fused with architecture. Based on research, just about all famous and well-known architects happen to be men. I think female architects may attract more attention but just because of the gender. There really haven’t been any major, great female architects. Its sad and amazing at the same time. Sad because women haven’t played a big role in architecture. Amazing because there are endless possibilities to how the modern world would look like if there was a balanced ratio of women and men in the profession of architecture.

All in all, I’m thankful for the special class ARS offers. I see PLTW as somewhat of an advantage. I, myself, feel special being in PLTW. Its like I have that toy that no other kid has. That light bulb no one can turn on. That shoe no one can afford. That grade no one can achieve. That dream no one can touch. But you.

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