Coming Up With the Perfect Maker Project Idea by Claudia Luong

It was hard to choose an idea for my maker project. My group spent over a month contemplating what idea we should choose. At first, we thought computer programming was going to be too difficult and expensive so we were leaning toward the idea of a checker board game, which wasn’t as complicated as computer programming.

We knew we wanted a project that dealt with computer programming and fashion. We combined these two ideas and came up with a shirt that is programmed to light up certain colors or at certain times. P.L.T.W (project lead the way) is all about being handed a problem and finding ways to solve it. Our group thought about the idea of gay rights. Using a symbol like rainbows or something colorful would be a fun design to put on a shirt.


A week after we came up with our maker project idea, an organization that supports and talks about same sex relationships came to our school, LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Queer), we were introduced into new ideas that we didn’t think about. Like how your actions, appearance can say so much about you and how people would treat you different based on if you’re not wearing the stereotypical thing.


When intel came into talk to us, they had so many questions after we told them our plan and idea. Question after question, and answers we didn’t know the answers to, but were figuring out. They were telling us things that we haven’t thought about, but were helpful. Like, what technology we were going to use to program the lights? LED lights?


Overall, I think the idea is going to be the hardest part, but as I’m seeing Mrs.Sauter ordering the materials and finding the answers to the questions, I’m feeling better at this project.

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