We are about 2-3 months away from school to be done which means we are about 6 months away from our first day of ninth grade. Which also means that it’s time to get serious but to also reflect. Doing the most recent module and completing the makersfaire application made me realise that a big part of completing your projects is taking time. That may sound crazy but when you think about it, it makes sense.


Taking time is essential to working on a project. You need to take the time to first fully understand the project so you know what you’re working to achieve. After that, ask questions. I’ve learnt the hard way that asking questions is an okay thing to do and even if you have a million and one questions, ask them. Because in the long run you’ll understand the task 100% or close to which in the long run will benefit you a lot more than that kid that was confused 70% of the time or more. Because honestly, lets face it, we’ve ALL been that kid at one point or another. Probably more than once. Then at the end is when you finally understand what you’re supposed to do, when its too late.


The second biggest thing is to try and not to stress. When you don’t stress you give yourself more time and are more relaxed so you can work better and your ideas can flow more freely. Also don’t forget to give yourself breaks, now by breaks I don’t mean spoiling yourself and giving yourself an hour of doing nothing every 10 minutes. But when you’ve been working hard for a while a 5-10 minute break is good for you so you can relax  and “renew your motivation” as said in this picture of a fact.


In conclusion taking time is the best way to guarantee a less stressful project and an easier way to work.

-Bryana Sanchez

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