Mechanical Systems by Ginger Rodriguez

Mechanical Systems

Sounds really complicated. Right?

I thought so too, at first, but after taking some notes about the different gears and how we use them in the world, I started to understand the module, and view it differently than I did the first time I heard of it.

One of the things I really liked about this module was not only the design process and getting to do a hands-on project, but just being able to connect the gears we were learning about in class and understanding how they work and add to the creation being made. I loved learning how we use these gears in the real world, it made me start seeing the world differently. Every time I would see a car pass by, I would think of gear trains, differential gears, bevel gears, and more! It was so exciting learning about the things we use in our daily lives and understanding how they work, isn’t it magnificent how little things can contribute and work together and create one big thing?

While working on this module with some classmates, I felt as if there was a hidden meaning behind this engineering module. I thought that meaning was to understand that even though I am only a person, and it seems as if I can’t do much, I can do my best, and if everyone tries, does their best, and works together, we can all contribute to one big-maybe even life changing thing! I think that is simply wonderful!

I hope you have taken what I have said to heart, that way you can know that, although in the whole scheme of things, you may seem small, you are not, and you can do anything, the only person who is stopping you is yourself.

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