Building Robots


The module that I decided to do this time was the robotics module. In this module we had to look up a certain kind of robot that most people used in all sorts of places. The one I had to look up was the Industrial Robot. A Industrial Robot is a kind of robot that is used in factories to do big kind of jobs that the people can’t do because it can either be very heavy or dangerous for someone to try to do. So after looking up that information and posting it, we could actually build a functioning robot that would move and work. It was really hard to do because it had a lot to do with finding the correct parts to use. And if we didn’t have the right part we had to come up with another kind of plan on how to make it. In the end our robot came out pretty good. We also had to try and program the robot to do certain kinds of functions. The first one that my group did was learn how to make the robot move. And it was a really fun but irritating to do because it had to do with a lot of teamwork and anyone could get frustrated easily. In the end it was really fun to do. -Selena A

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