Helpful Makeup Tips

Helpful Makeup Tips

by Effy Shapter

For my Maker Project, my group is creating a series of makeup tutorials and makeup tips that will be put together in a video. We will include celebrity makeup tutorials such as: Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner, and Lupita Nyongo. We will also include our favorite products and helpful tips when applying makeup.

Helpful Makeup Tips:

  1. Use moisturizer before your foundation

Using Mosturizer before applying your foundation prevents dryness and helps your foundation stay on longer.

  1. Always use primer before applying eyeshadow

Using a primer on your eyes, makes your eyeshadow stay on for the day and softens your eyelids.

-If you don’t own a primer you can put your foundation, concealer, or moisturizer.

-My favorite eye primer is from elf. The elf eyeshadow primer is about $2 and can be found in any drug or grocery store.

  1. Use a piece of tape to create the perfect cat eyeliner look

-The winged/cat eyeliner look is very hard to create. Putting pieces of tape on the corner of your eyes help you have even-looking cat eyeliner looks. **Make sure that each piece of tape on each eye, is even.

  1. How to make your eyes look bigger

Adding a line of white eyeliner in your waterline creates the illusion of bigger eyes.

  1. Go easy on the black

Too much of black eyemakeup leads to the illusion of smaller eyes and easy smudging. -Instead of using only black, use a brown color eye shadow for a more natural look
-For lighter skin tones: instead of using black eyeliner and mascara, use brown eyeliner and mascara for a more natural look

I’m looking forward to sharing Natalia and I’s video with you. It will be posted on here as soon as we finish it.

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