Simulations, By: Anjelica Arias


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I have done a certain module that wasn’t in the Media Tech pathway that I highly enjoyed. It was a very independent project that was something that would be interesting to do. For the Simulation module, it’s like a interacting game that you would play. You would mess with some buttons and adjust the settings to how you would want it, from there you would get certain results.

For this Simulation, I chose one that related to Heart Disease Risks. For that, the settings that were easy to change were if they were male or female and if they smoked or had diabetes. From there you have to change the settings for the LDL and the HDL. The LDL stands for ‘Low Density Lipoprotein’ or the bad cholesterol. HDL stands for ‘High Density Lipoprotein’ or the good cholesterol that you would want for your body.

You also have three lines that move to the way that you coordinate everything. The purple line is the average to what you have everything to, then you have the yellow line which is how low the risk will be when you change the settings. The blue line is the line that you have which is your risk and it can go up depending on how you have the LDL and the HDL and if they are a smoker and have diabetes.

This module was something that I would like to do, maybe something that wasn’t too complex or anything like that. I would not like to have to do a simulation on something that was really confusing and something that I wouldn’t understand.


I chose the Heart Disease Risk  Simulation because I at least knew what the word was and what it meant. There were other ones that I would have chosen, but there is something about Heart Disease Risk that made it so interesting and made it something that I would have wanted to do.


This module was something that I didn’t think I would see in the Bio Med pathway. I see the Bio Med pathway as you know more about the body and you dissect things but it is actually something that you know a lot more about the body as with the simulations.

I didn’t think that the simulations would be a part of the Bio-Med pathway, I’m glad that I did it because it was something that I really enjoyed.

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