Bath Bombs

BBMZ Bath Bombs

For about 2 weeks so far me and my group, Zoe, Becca and Bella have been working on our maker project. We are making bath bombs! For those of you who don’t know what bath bombs are they are these balls that you make out of flour, baking soda, epsom salt and essential oils. You put them in the bath and they dissolve and they make your bath smell really good. The epsom salt relieves stress so if you are having a stressful day you can just take a bath with one of these and you will feel a lot better!!

Our group name is called BBMZ because it’s all of our first initials and BBMZ bath bombs we think has a good flow! Its easy to remember and catchy. Our product is mainly focused on girls from ARS. Being an ARS student causes lots of stress so we hope that this product will help them.

We are currently working on our logo and social media accounts. Our logo is kinda hard because we have to do it online and figure out how to do an ombre effect with this website. Once we finish making it we are going to print it out as stickers and stick it to boxes. Our social media sites are hopefully going to be coming up soon. We want to get lottos followers and support with this project!

– Maddie I.


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