Maker Project: Bath Bombs (Rebecca B.)

Bath Bombs

By: Rebecca Brackin

     In our class PLTW, we have a big grade on a project- our maker project. My group and I had to think long and hard on what we wanted to do. We had brainstormed several ideas. Going into the Maker Project, it’s actually quite hard to decide what you want to do. Our society has created most of the things I could even think of. So, we decided to do something that had already been invented- bath bombs.

You may think that bath bombs is a quite random thing. For those who do not know, a bath bomb is an object that you drop in a bath before you get in, and it fizzes up, dissolving in the water. Bath bombs are proved to relieve stress and be calming to the person using it. We have revolved our project around the world of stress. Everyone experiences stress, and a bath bomb can help relieve it. Lavender, roses, and more- all these ingredients are scientifically proven to relieve stress.

At Ann Richards, girls tend to get stressed, because of the challenging things we do. Bath bombs are kind of what you would say a new trend, so it should appeal to the girls at our school. We wanted our project to be something that would interest the girls at our school & relate to them.

In our project, we have to go through several steps. We have to create a logo to put on our boxes, make the boxes, research stress, make sure the ingredients are safe to use, research how to make bath bombs, and test them out and make them. It  may sound like bath bombs is a super easy project, but there is more behind it than meets the eye.

If you are interested in checking out our Maker Project, and  bunch of other students Maker Projects, be sure to come check it out at the Maker Fair on April 24th.unnamed

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