Why so serious? #TheJoker

By: Yenifer De Lara Gutierrez (A3)

It doesn’t matter what I do in PLTW class, I always have fun. It’s a pretty chill class, even with deadlines. Having fun and learning at the same time is exactly what teachers want. Learning is good. But having fun and learning is great. (And I do know that everyone has their own different idea of ‘fun’ & ‘learning’… I don’t expect everyone to agree with me.)

When you have fun, everything’s better. You smile. You laugh. Live. Love. Learn. By smiling and having fun you realize just how not so bad PLTW work is. Even if the fun & games has nothing to do with PLTW, its okay, just as long as you stay on task and complete work.

You have to take a break sometimes. Its just too much. You get frustrated with the module you’re doing. You worry about creating perfection, or, you at least try to reach for it. But, I mean, in the end, the story behind it or the process/journey is what matters most.

You goof off just little and eventually return the chaotic reality… Or somehow you can balance the amount of fun and educational learning you have/want.

Classes and school in general shouldn’t be just work-work and work. Nothing else. No. No. No. No. There’s always time and space for fun. My friends and I point out mistakes and faults and laugh. Wether its a speech impediment, misspelling or bad cut, line, trace, paint job, click, word, move, haircut, and so on so forth…

Remember; Live. Love. Learn.

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