Wood Sandwhiches: by Samaria shearrod

So far this semester in Pltw, we have been working a lot on a project corresponding with our science class. The project itself was full of criteria and deadlines, but there was one particular part that had its fair share of challenges. Building a topographic map was a pretty hard thing to do, and finally being done with it felt great.

When mrs. Sauter announced that we would be going back to modules for a little while, I was relieved. Modules are a little more low-key than the major project we had just completed, and it sounded pretty easy. My group and I discussed what modules we were interested in, and we all were pretty set on building a birdhouse.

Little did we know, we had to complete an individual challenge first, known as the “Wood Sandwich” It sounded even easier than the birdhouse, so of course I was excited. Mrs. Sauter taught us how to use pretty much every tool we would need in the makerspace, and then she let us show her what we learned.

The overall sandwich wasn’t that challenging, but when it came time to hammer the nails, I started to re-evaluate my choices. It seemed simple enough, so I just went for it. After less than 45 seconds of hammering to a beat with my group, I hammered my finger and split the wood. I didn’t think that either was possible, so it set me back a little. After two more pieces of wood and three bent nails, mrs. Sauter decided to cut us all a little break so that we could move on.

Though the nail never actually made it through the wood, I experienced the same hard work and pain that went with it. After this experience, I learned not to underestimate any module, because even though some may seem like a piece of cake, all of them have their own challenging components.

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