Building a bird house!

By Lucero Martinez

It’s not very difficult if you really want to build a birdhouse this is what you have to do. First of all you have to know what tools you’re using and how to use them. You have to watch the videos to show you how to use some of the tools and when you finish watching them and you decide to practice how to use the tools always be safe if you’re under 18 years old always have an adult supervision. Next you are going to be making a wood sandwich the purpose of this is to help you learn what kind of screws you’re using and how to screw them.

Now the next step is for you to start thinking on how you want you’re birdhouse to look like, when you have an idea of what you want it to look like start designing it but don’t forget to put what measurements you’re using. When you’re done designing find wood and start making your measurements and then you will use the miner saw so you can cut your wood. When you’re finished with that grab some wood glue and start putting your wood pieces together and remember try to put them as 90 degree angles. Then let it dry. When it’s dry you will learn how to use the nail gun so it can help your birdhouse be more secured.

When you’re done with everything you will be able to decorate your birdhouse as you choose. You can use paint and use different colors as me and my group did or you can also just choose a single color, it’s your choice. Then let your birdhouse dry and then you will add and eye screw so you can hang it up anywhere you would like and thats it you’re done, hope you have fun!

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