Topo Mapzz

​ ​image So for this six weeks, we were mainly focused on topographic maps and our science Earth 3000 projects. So in PLTW, we have been tracing topographic maps on the computers on Adobe Illustrator for a while. We have also been focused in science on our Earth 3000 projects which we are making our topographic maps for.

​ So in science, we had to pick a place we wanted to research the weather for and the climate. We had to pick our place and make a haiku wiki page on what to wear, the weather there, and what the tectonic plates were. So for our location in science, we had to create a topographic map.

So, in PLTW, we had to search for a transparent picture of the location, with contour and elevation markings, that would be suitable to trace. Once we found our picture, we had to save it to our flash drive, and open Adobe Illustrator to start tracing the picture. Once we did that, we had to learn how to start actually tracing the picture. We had to learn how to use the pen and pencil tool, which felt like it took 75 years. But once we learned how to use it, it made our lives so much easier. The pen tool, is basically a curve tool like in the PLTW application we used last year. But the pen tool took a bunch of time, so we asked our fabulous teacher Mrs. Sauter, if there was anything different we could use, because we were very squished for time then. So Mrs. Sauter told us that there was a similar tool that is way less time-consuming and way less frustrating. The pencil tool. Ah, yes. This tool saved our lives. I honestly have no idea what we would’ve done without it (probably the same thing). But the pencil tool just traced all the lines we needed to trace.

​ We only had a few struggles with this project. We only had like, 2 issues. One, where we only had like 2 classes left to finish it. Two, where we couldn’t stop being frustrated with the program and just wanted to smash the computer against the wall and run out of the Makerspace garage. But once we got over ourselves and just did the work, whew.

​ So in conclusion, just take your time man. Just do what you have to do when you need to do it. It’s really not that difficult if you ask for help when you need it. So chill out, ask for help, and do it.

Alyssa D. 🙂

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