New discoveries in PLTW – Emelyn Macias

Emelyn Macias

New discoveries in PLTW


Pltw is seriously the best class because i’m always learning new things i have never found out, such as I never knew I was going to be interested in Media Tech because i don’t know how to work with cameras and editing, turns out I put media tech as my first choice for my pathway which is pretty cool because pltw has taught me new things that I never knew I would like, because I was going to choose biomed and I tried the modules and I didn’t really feel the same way about biomed, I actually finished all the modules for media tech and I only did 2 for biomed. Pltw is a class to learn new things and discover new things! Which is so cool.


One of the recent modules I just did was engeneering and let me be honest engineering isn’t my thing… I’m not good at building things. I find building things hard for me because I’m not creative as other girls that have lots of ideas on building things. So we just built a bridge out of toothpicks… Wasn’t the best bridge ever, but we really did fail because my group and I had to really plan this out because engeneering wasn’t something we liked, nobody in my group really liked it. When me and my group saw that we had to build it out of toothpicks we said “oh that doesn’t sound that bad!” Oh yeah it was bad our bridge was not complete, it was half way done because the glue wasn’t that stable! That’s why we should have different plans and different ways of building stuff because there can always be a better and stable way to build stuff, which is something that I learned from this module which was there isn’t just one right idea! There’s plenty of useful ideas that can help!

It was fun working on a pathway that id never imagine myself even thinking about it! It was a new thing for me but although engineering isn’t the best thing for me it’s always nice to try new things because you learn more about yourself!

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