Birdhouse by Sage O’Brien

These past few weeks Lily and I have been working on the Fabrication & Construction Module. I really like this Module and suggest it to others. In this module, you go through the basics of using and identifying a variety of tools and materials. The end product of this module, results in a birdhouse.  Nail

First we practiced using the miter saw by cutting a 2×4 piece of wood into pieces that were measured 6 inches. We then took 2 of those pieces and drilled and nailed into them. First we used a hammer to nail in 2 nails, then a drill to pre-drill holes for our screws, then a impact driver the screw in the different screws. I found this very helpful, because I think it’s a really helpful skill to know your screws, and how to drill them.

When we started designing the birdhouse, we had to consider the materials we had, needed to use, and the practicability of the user. (bird) First, we experimented with pre-cut wood by planning out how our birdhouse would be constructed. Then we measured everything and made cut list, which is a list telling us everything that needs to be cut. We have not yet continued this project due to not being able to use the equipment while sub is here. But I can’t wait until we can get back into the construction room and get to finish our birdhouse.

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