Topographic Map By: Elissa Torrez

So in PLTW we had to make topographic maps of our location we were assigned. I was in a group of four. Our location was Tokyo, Japan. A topographic map has contour lines to show land features. We did Mt. Fuji and the land surrounding it.

First we had to find a good topographic map with a scale, then we had to put that picture into illustrator and trace each contour line on different layers, which took a long time, but it was fun in the end. Then we had to cut out cardboard to use when we were ready to cut it with the laser cutter. After we got the right cardboard we had to spray it with water, fix the setting on the computer for the laser cutter then we watched the laser to it’s magic. After all the layers were done we have to out all the pieces together, after we fixed it all we put colored paper on each layer and we glued all the layers together. Then, lastly we put a scale for the map. Currently our topo map is hanging on the Earth 300 wall!

In all this project was fun and it helped us with having skills we might need for future projects with Illustrator.

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