The Struggle by Claudia Luong

I have only discussed positive things about what we do here in the Makerspace and nothing is negative about it, it’s what I don’t like about somethings. I struggled in the engineering modules, but I gave it another shot and decided to do fabrication and construction basis. I only did it because I wanted to do the next module, materials. I looked over what we had to do and thought I could handle it and didn’t find it very challenging. That all changed when I started working on challenge 1. We had to make a “wooden sandwich,” meaning nailing/drilling different screws/nails to connect 2 wooden pieces.


Sounds easy, I thought the same thing. All I had to do was hammer in nails and screw in screws. Once I started hammering, it all went downhill. I started off just going for it, but realizing I didn’t know what in the world I was doing so automatically I scream, “HELP!” hinting to one of my peers to help a sister out. One of my classmates demonstrated and tried helping me change the way I was hammering. My nail wouldn’t go through, the nail was at an angle, or the hammer wasn’t even hitting the nail. This went on for most of the class period, but my classmate decided to nail it all the way in.


Next was the screwdriving. We have a variety of different tools. There’s not just a screwdriver, there’s a compact, phillips head. When screwdriving the screw, I was either setting the wood on fire (not literally), using the wrong bit, or wrong drill. With the help of my teachers and peers, I was able to almost but basically screw it in. I felt like I was being annoying, being confused on what to do.


Using the wrench was even more complicated because not only do you have to find the right size wrench, but you have to control two sides of your block. This required strength. Having little spaghetti arms like me was a struggle, but my group mate helped me out, by doing half of the job.


This was probably my least favorite module and made a huge impact on my decision when choosing my pathway. I knew that engineering with hammers, screws etc was not for me. I also learned about being resourceful and not being afraid to ask for help. I felt very dumb and useless while everybody was so focused and nailing everything in, but I know I can’t be good at everything so I took all the help I could get.

Wood Sandwich

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