What It Takes To Build A Birdhouse

20150218_223242First of all you have to learn how to use all the tools that you are going to use to make your birdhouse. You must watch a video that shows or tells you how to use a miter saw and how it works. After that step you would make a wood sandwich so that you can learn how to screw with different kinds of screws.

Next you would plan how you want your birdhouse to be so you will 20150120_104748 (1)start designing the way you want to construct it and the size that you want it to be. After that you would find wood and measure the sizes you planned it to be. You then use the miter saw to cut out your wood pieces and start putting it together. You would first apply wood glue and try to put the pieces of wood together as nice as possible and try to angel it in a perfect 90 degree angle.

Then you would learn how to use a nail gun and how it works and how it is setup. After you are done with that lesson you then grab your assembled birdhouse and nail it so that it can be more sturdy and stronger so that it does not break that easily.

20150218_231849Finally you would decorate your birdhouse the way you want it to be so that you can  paint  the sides in any way that you desire and let it dry and then your done, but before that you would add an eye screw so that when you’re done you can hang it up and that’s the process of how to build a birdhouse.

~Jennifer D.A.

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