Mechanical Systems by: Hope Calderon(:

For my 7th module, I did the Mechanical Systems module. This module is listed under the Engineering Pathway. The purpose of this module was to teach us about the ways of gears, how they work and move. Our first lesson was to watch a video and learn all the different types of gears, what they do, how they work and what they’re made of. When I was watching the video I had learned so many cool and interesting things I didn’t know before I watched the video, I learned that a mechanism is the part of a machine which has two or more pieces arranged so that the motion of one compels the motion of the others. The video about Mechanical Systems really opened my mind. After we watched the video we got to use The Vex Kits. The Vex Kits these really cool kits that have tons of pieces that you put together and make so many cool and fun things. Our first challenge was to make Bevel Gear and The Cam & Follower. For the Bevel Gear and the Cam & Follower we had to answer the following questions: Where is the input and output? (describe or label) Do they run in the same directions?Are the speed and torque increased, decreased or constant? What is the gear ratio? Is the flow of power reversible? Where are these mechanisms found in everyday life? After we made the Bevel Gear, The Cam & Follower and answered all the questions, we moved onto our next challenge. Our next challenge was that we had to use the Vex Kits to do one of the following: Beat an egg, Turn three separate skewers over a flame at one time, or Slice a piece of food into several pieces. We chose to turn three separate skewers over a flame at one time. At first when we were making the three separate skewers it was very difficult we didn’t know where to start, but then we asked Mrs.Sauter a couple questions and we finally got it done. When we were done making everything with the Vex Kits we were really proud. When we first started using the Vex Kits we were so confused and lost, but we got a hang of it and really had a fun time. I would totally recommend this module anyone who likes building things and being creative. At first it may seem hard but when you get the used to it it becomes easy and you have a lot of fun. (:

Here is a picture and of the Bevel Gear(:

Here is a picture and of the Bevel Gear(:

Here is a picture of The Cam & Follower

Here is a picture of The Cam & Follower(:


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