The Making of a Maker Project by Maite

Hello everyone! It is Maite here again. Today I want to talk about the Maker Project that we all have either applied to or are going to apply to, and hopefully we will successfully complete in a few months. We all have such different ideas and plans for those projects and to me that it was makes it so great. We get to dive into something that is completely up to us and has the potential to be everything we want it to be if we take advantage of this opportunity by using all of our time and equipment efficiently.

For these projects, we can really do just about anything. So do you know what you want to do?

My group and I have gone from idea to idea trying to see which one would be most enjoyable and possible to do. We went from a moving chess set, to a shirt with moving LED lights. Now there is a possibility of us making a video since we learned that is also an option. There are many different things that we can do for this project and I am very excited to begin it. Who knows, maybe we will combine a few of our ideas to make them even better and more complex.

My goals and hopes for this project is to learn lots more about building and constructing things that I designed. Also to better understand how to use the tools and equipment that we use so regularly. My last hope is to grow as a group mate and leader, have fun, and make a good product.

To achieve these things I think we all need to:

  1. Be creative- Don’t worry if it seems crazy, big ideas are good.
  2. Cooperate- Talk to your group to see what similarities and differences you have about your ideas.
  3. Chill out- Mistakes are not the end of the world, so learning from them and doing better from them is good.

I hope you have good time doing your maker projects!

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