Automation and Robotics

I am going to talk to you guys about Automation and Robotics Challenge 1. What you had to do in this module was find the robot that was matched with the first letter of your last name. These were the ones we had to search up:

A-C you will find an Industrial Robot

D-F Medical Robots

G-H Automated Guided Vehicles

I-K Robots in Agriculture

L-O Telerobots

P-R Rescue Robots

S-U Robot Toys

V-Z Household Robots

What I got to do was M; Telerobots. All we needed to find out about these robots were 9 questions like “What does your robot do?” and “How is it programed,” many easy questions like that. But the cool thing was that it wasn’t hard because that information we needed to put in a discussion board and there were also other peoples types of robots they did. Also I liked how we had to put it up in the discussion board and you could see others and read about other information of their robots. Like my robot was used to carry heavy things that would be too heavy for a person to carry.

Challenge 2 I haven’t finished yet but so far it’s been fun because you get to choose what to do. There are 10 tasks and you only have to do one. But that is programing the robot to do what the task is asking you to do. My group and I choose Task #2 which was a Robot Drag Race and all you need to do is to make it walk 20ft in the least amount of time. Since I was in robotics last year it would not be that hard for me but it is still pretty fun because you get to built the robot and program it.

I think that this could be a really fun module if you like to do Engineering because it can help you if you are taking the pathway next year. You guys might be learning how to program robots in that pathway but this can give you a little bit of help so you know what to expect next year. But besides that it’s really fun and it hands on like you don’t get to sit around all of the time looking at the computer that’s boring you actually get to move around and play around with the parts of the robots, you also get to learn how to use the tools.

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