On The Road To Success!

Yoselin R.

What is PLTW?

PLTW is a class that consist of the use of technology, engineering, and mathematics to solve problem people can face. This class is a class we are required to take throughout our middle school years and it helps us get a strong taste of what creativity feels like.

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What Have We Done?

Our latest project consisted of creating a topographic map about a specific place, (we researched during science class). During our project, we used a computer programming system that allowed us to trace the topographic map from another source. After we had our topographic map traced, we used the Laser printer to print out our topographic maps onto cardboard. Once we had our topographic maps printed out, we had to assemble them and make them look nice and presentable. This project was very challenging but overall very interesting. I was new to this programming system which was one of the reasons why the project started at a low point. At the end of the project I was happy to see that our hard work payed off.

 unnamed (8)What Is a Topographic Map?

A topographic map is a map that contains a variety of layers of a specific land feature. A topographic map is usually organizes by having the oldest layer at the bottom and working it’s way up toward the top. The top layer is usually where the youngest layer is located at. Also, a topographic map works by having a specific scale that represents the amount of time from one layer to the other.

What Makes PLTW Important?

Our school is a STEAM based school. Being a STEAM school means to have a special focus on science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. We are required to solve problems creatively and effectively in support of the communities needs by using STEAM. PLTW is a special class that helps us improve our communication skills along with our engineering and creativity skills.

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