Mechanical Systems

Mechanical Systems by Calvinesha

At the beginning of the semester when we came from winter break me and my partner Jacinda worked on the Mechanical Systems module which actually took us 3 weeks to finish.

When we started the Module with a section called mechanism build where we had to pick a mechanism and build it and take a picture. For this we chose the chain drive and the simple gear train. Here is what they looked like. First we had to gather all of the Materials for each section of the simple gear train and Secure it to the point where it was standing up. Then we had to put the pieces together with some kind of plastic thing that helped the gears spin and the we had to get axels to hold the gears on and then we got a handle for us to spin the wheel around. After we finished putting everything together we had to take a picture of it and post it on Haiku. If you are wondering what Haiku is it is our school link where we do our work and turn in some of our assignments.

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