Into Photography By: Zoe Renteria

Into Photography

This six weeks I did the Into Photography module. For this module we learned how to make a pinhole camera and how to take a picture with it. The process was a bit challenging because we decided to make a box instead of a tube. Then we had to make sure that there wasn’t light being shown through, which took us a while. We got glued all the sides first, then we went back and taped them all with black electrical tape just incase we had little holes.

Snapping a picture

Now that we had done all of our building it was time to take a picture. Before we could go and snap a picture we needed to prepare the camera with the film. We used Mrs. Sauter’s office and turned it into a dark room which was really cool. This is really where teamwork cane to play, one person had to hold the red light, another to tape the film inside of our box and tape it shut. Snap! My team and I took a picture of some pretty flowers. Once we got back into the classroom, my job was to remove the film and soak in the chemicals that makes it develop. At first we didn’t have anything showing up but with a little patients we got a really great result.



I think that is was my favorite module to do because it was really fun to create something that actually works. I was really surprised that our camera really worked, I mean believing a cardboard box is going to take a picture is a bit much. I had a lot of fun working wit my team mates throughout this process, I couldn’t have done any of this without them.

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