Mechanisms- Lily Bedford

By: Lily Bedford                                                                                             In our second module we created an egg beating mechanism. We created this mechanism with by following this design Brief;

Client: Top Chef

Problem Statement: create an egg-beating mechanism

Design Statement: create a mechanism using 90% vex component

Constraints: 90% vex components, creative, function, uses gears.

Our project ended up combining Raymya and my ideas. Her idea being resembling a whisk (incorporated through the screws that are the literal whiskers). And mine being hand held with gears turning the whiskers.

My Reflection:I am including my reflection to explain to you, the read my feelings of the outcome, and process of this project.

The big idea of this module was to create a mechanism that could beat eggs for challenge two (making a mechanism for the first letter of your name was part of module one) and to learn the basics of mechanisms. This created an open-mindedness for tinkering, which is basically part of engineering, but on a much larger scale, what i’d considered as my pathway.Tinkering, equivalent to a person skilled in various minor kinds of mechanical work, “jack-of-all trades”. This skill of tinkering could be used as a side job for extra cash, or for making little things that are beneficial to someone’s daily life very much like our egg beater.

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