Complications of Coming Up with Ideas

Hey guys, my name is Karla Rodriguez and being in 8th Grade PLTW isn’t always as simple as it seems. It may look like simple modules being completed every two weeks or so but inside, you can actually see all of the hard work that the girls are doing. Each module gives you certain requirements that need to be met, but they also require you to do your part of the assignment. The module may tell you to base your project on a health risk but the student is in charge of deciding that health risk and the whole project that is tied to it.

The reason that I’m suddenly talking about this topic is because in a few months, there is this event called the maker fair that will really test our abilities with this skill. For the maker project, we will each have to create something that is related workto topic you are interested in. I myself am slightly nervous because I’m seeing a lot of people already starting while I on the other hand, have barely started thinking and developing some ideas. Coming up with ideas is actually harder than it may seem. Some questions that I come up with when coming up with ideas are . . .

1) Is it something that interest you?    2) Does it tie in to what you’re interested in?

3) Will the viewer be interested?         4) Can you accomplish the task?

I feel that for a project like this, it should really revolve around you, and your interest, and if you will be able to finish it. So far, all that I have is that I want my project to be hands on (not related to technology), and to help the environment. With this ideology, the first thing that came to my mind was to create a sculpture using recycled material. My idea seemed pretty fun at the moment but after a environmentwhile I started thinking, where would I put it once I’m done?, would I be able to finish?, and so on. After I thought my questions, my sculpture idea quickly went into the recycling bin inside my brain.

The maker fair will really be a challenge to many of use but like others we’ve faced, we’ll end up triumphant with many projects to display. Until then I will keep on thinking and wondering about new possibilities of my maker project, as I’m sure that you will too. Who knew that coming up with ideas was hard?

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