What I like about PLTW by amy torres

This 6 weeks have been really fun…in PLTW. The modules I have done were Photography and the one I am currently working on Prosthetics. They are both really fun and just so cool to learn.For photography I had to make a camera first which involved a type of box or container that lets NO light in. We had to take a picture outside and all that. The process is long but it was really cool. I enjoyed doing that and to be honest I think it was one of my favorite modules that I have done!For prosthetics it was a lot of engineering and bio-med involved. I really am enjoying this one because it involves something that I really enjoy doing engineering and I am taking the Bio-med path next year. This module is really fun and I have learned a lot. As I am doing this module I felt bad for the people who don’t have arms and/or legs. I enjoyed doing this and I hope it’s something that will stay with me.

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