Magazinez2Checkerboards By: Alexis Miller

This year we are going to make projects to submit into the mini maker faire. My group will be making a checkerboard with the laser cutter and 3D printer. We are going to use a piece of cork and shade out the squares. For the pieces we are going to design them online using inventor. The 3D printer will print the pieces in two colors of our choice. Now that I have summarized the final product of our project I am going to break down the process of developing our idea and product.

Believe it or not this idea started out as a magazine. We researched how to make a news paper, jobs involved in production and everything related to magazines. As we researched on and on the idea of a magazine became more and more out of reach. Our group was already formed so we needed to find a new idea that we all agreed with. Even though we lost a group member due to our change in project we still kept moving. This is when we came up with the idea of a checker board.We knew that it would be rewarding to have a project that we could use and enjoy but we could also incorporate technology.

Now that we had our idea it was time to decide how to incorporate technology. We could incorporate technology into the production or the use. We decided the the production of the board would be the most obtainable and efficient. This is when we decided that making a checkerboard with the laser cutter and 3D printer would be the thing to do. At this point in our project we needed to learn how to use this. This was very convenient because we were able to complete a module on using the program inventor. Inventor is an online program used for designing items to 3D print.

As of right now we are working on the module but now I will talk about our plans for the future of this project. Prior to this we filled out an application for this project. In this application we were required to make a timeline for our intended timing of this project. We will try to follow this timeline for the success of the project.I am looking forward to seeing how our project turns out.

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