Pathway Day at Ann Richards

In eighth-grade you transition from middle school to high school. At Ann Richards, going into high school means that we get to choose our own pathway. The pathways being engineering, biomedical, and media tech. But before we choose or decide what we want to take in high school, we image (2)take a part of our school day to see pathways in action. In this day, we go to different classrooms to see a different pathways. Even though, we explore these pathways in PLTW, and see majority of what happens, our school thinks it’s best for us to see pathways upclose. .We also explore electives with pathway backgrounds

At the start of the day, each group of eighth graders starts in a different classroom assigned to a different pathway. My group started in the biomedical pathway classroom. In the biomedical pathway we got to see what students do in the pathway and specifically what the pathway is about. In the biomedical pathway, students learn about Human body structure, how are human body works, and medicine, and starting the future for medicine. Students also dissect animals as a replacement for a human body. A fun fact about ninth-grade biomed class, is you get to dissect a sheep’s heart.image (1)

After going to the biomed classroom, we transitioned to the engineering classes. When we went to the engineering classes,the students had a simulation setup for us, in the simulation, we had seven minutes to create a tower with noodles and tape, that would hold up a marshmallow without falling down.The students set up this simulation to give an idea about how engineering class would be. After the activity in one of the engineering classrooms, we went to the other room to hear about the students life taking the engineering pathway. In the pathway, students have projects where they must build something and have it work properly. There are challenges set up for them to complete, and in the end they come out with a real finished product. Engineering class is also responsible for a trailer that is meant to be a teachers lounge.

Finally, we went to our last pathway classroom. Media tech is a class for anything related to producing media. Learn how to create animation and skills meant for creating media related projects. Skills, such as photoshopping, animating, and filming. In the earlier high school grades, students began to learn the skills and practice them. Then in the older high school grades, scenes use the skills to create and produce actual movies. These projects are also meant to do outside of school, you could possibly catch some Ann Richards students doing some filming downtown. The students do a big project, that they present to actual film directors and producers.

And if you feel that you need to learn more from your pathway, you can take one elective is related to the class. Such as computer science, film class, and forensic science class.Pathway day was a useful day to discover what pathway students would want to take for high school. Through this day I discovered for myself what pathway I want to take, happens to be biomed. It also help me find electives that I could use for the future. I feel that my high school life and I will have a good background for future careers.

by Arianna Nunez

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