Trying something new

Lots of times, people miss out on opportunities because they are afraid of what may happen if they are not totally sure. They come up with the worst possible case scenario and have that dreadful image play over and over in their mind. That process can cause a lot of unnecessary stress which is definitely not fun! I know that I personally have done this, but have any of those worst case scenarios that I had thought of actually happened? Nope. That doesn’t completely mean that whatever you imagined could never possibly happen but the chances really aren’t likely. You can work yourself up so much about something not likely to happen, and then you could miss out on things.

For the longest time I had been terrified of saws, drills, and basically any moving object that could possibly hurt me. In a way it’s a practical and very real fear if you don’t know how to correctly use them. All this time I’ve tried to avoid all possible scenarios that would cause me to be in the position to use them.

Recently I did the module Constructions & Fabrication Basics and I had to make a wood sandwich. Basically that means I had to cut two pieces of wood to be 6 inches using a saw and then hammering and drilling nails and screws into the pieces creating the sandwich. Basically that was a whole bunch of my fears combined.

While standing in line for the saw I waited until I was one of the last ones to go because I was hoping that maybe I wouldn’t have to do it after all even though that wish wouldn’t happen no matter how much I had wanted. The more I watched others use the saw the more I wanted to go and get it over with, mentally. But physically I couldn’t seem to bring myself to do so. Finally it had been my turn and I was practically in a panic.

What if I sawed off my hand, what if my hair gets caught and I go bald, what if I break it. Well, the machine couldn’t cut off my hand unless I had put my hand directly under the spinning blade, my hair wouldn’t get caught because it was in a ponytail, and I have no idea where I would begin to attempt to break the machine. They were all fears that wouldn’t happened but made me really scared. But once I started to cut the blade I realized it wasn’t so bad as I had imagined. And it was over before I even realized.

I am really glad that I went through the experience of using not only the saw but the drills too. I think it was a good learning experience to realize that most of the fears are just things that I make up in my head. I think it’s important to try things that are new even if they are a little out of your comfort zone. And maybe the fears have a purpose, because they caused me to pay close attention and be a little more careful.

-Nicole 8th

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