Birdhouse Building

By: Jazmin M.

Hello guys,

Well this week I did one of the funnest modules yet. Construction and Fabrication Basics. In this module I learned how to use all sorts of tools correctly and how to design and build a basic birdhouse. Exiting! I really like building stuff and in this module I got to do it.

So first of all, my group (Brisi, Jennifer and Lucero) and I had to sketch and design a birdhouse with only right angles on paper. That part was easy, and we chose and easy design (Basically two rectangles). First we marked the measurements on fence board for us to cut the board into the pieces we needed. Using the miter saw was a bit scary at first I have to admit, but really its an easy and fast tool to use. When we had all the pieces cut out and ready to go, it was time to start gluing. Okay, this was the most frustrating part of all because we had to fix it too many times. Until finally it decides to stay in place with the clamps. It was so funny when we got it the first time and then one boards slips out of place bringing the whole thing down. The next step was to cut out the faces (the back and front). That was pretty complicated as well, the lines cut out weren’t quite perfect. We used a power saw and then the jig saw for some miner cuts that the power saw couldn’t get. On one of those pieces we cut two holes using the hole cutter. I didn’t get to use that tool but Jennifer and Brisi did. We glued and nailed the back and front to the structure. The added nails to any other side to make it more secure with a compressed air nail gun. After that we were all done. I have to admit that we did a pretty good job with it!

Thanks for reading.

These are some pictures i took during the process 🙂


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