Making a Bird House by: Catalina Gonzalez

Hello Readers,
I recently did a module in my PLTW class called “Construction and Fabrication Basics”. Here we were instructed to design and make a comfortable bird house for a bird native to Texas. My group wanted to make an exotic bird house, something no one had ever seen before, something that would make the other birds jealous. So we made a blueprint that made the house look like a mansion, it was about 24″x24″.
Once we actually measured the wood we noticed it was way too big. So we went back to plan once again. The second time we came up with a more simple house, about 12″x8″. But we still hadn’t picked the bird for our house, so we all went on the internet and researched birds native to Texas. After looking at millions of cute little birds we decided to make our house for the cardinal.                                                                                    Cardinal
Once we had a vivid idea of what we wanted to do it was time to use the power tools to make our bird house! But I wasn’t as excited as my teammates because honestly, power tools scare me. I always think something bad could happen and I start shaking every time I am in contact with one so I wasn’t very thrilled. All my other teammates were cutting the wood with the big saws and I didn’t want them to notice I was scared to I just played along. But at the end I really enjoyed using the tools and some of them were way easier to handle than I thought. I’m really glad I tried them because when I have to use them again I will have prior knowledge.
Eventually, our bird house was all glued and nailed together and it looked great! I’m glad I helped building it because I will soon make a playhouse for the maker project and this will help me a lot with that. I hope little cardinals enjoy their new home!


Thanks for reading,
Catalina Gonzalez 8th Period

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