Topographic Maps

This past six weeks the highlight for me was being able to make a topographic map of a place in the world. I really enjoyed tracing the contour lines on Adobe Illustrator. Even though at many points it was very stressful because we had so little time to complete this task. If we would have been given more time, or if I was doing it on my own ngI believe that I might have even enjoyed using the advanced program. Being able to know that I created something so extravagant like that was such a fulfilling feeling.

My group was a group of two so it was just my partner and I, which made the whole process a little more enjoyable and laid back. We were assigned two make a map of Irkutsk, Russia which we were also researching in Science, during the Earth 3000 project. At first it was very hard to find a good topographic map to trace but after some help from Mrs. Sauter we decided on a picture of Lake Balaki next to Irkutsk.

UntitledSince we chose a lake it was a little more difficult to trace and put together, because instead of going up it was inverted and each contour line was going lower and lower below sea level. Instead of just being able to print out my different layers I had to make a hole the shape of the level smaller inside of the larger level. I will add a picture to help me better explain what I am talking about, but it was a rigorous task having to make sure that I was putting the different layers in the right positions.

It was very interesting overall to be able to see what my map looked like once I was finished. I was a lot more gratifying to see it completed and cut out that trying to imagine what it was going to look like while was arranging the layers.

Macy Nelms

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