GRACE by Lendy C.


PLTW. In this class my group and I made a word, this word was Grace. This is my favorite project because it was a Hands on activity.  I like to get a project and do it my way, along the way I would ask for help but I really like to be left alone and let my imagination work.  This project was very fun because we had the freedom to do whatever, but of course we had expectations to meet, My group and I decided that we should separate the letters to take home and decorate. I was incharge of the letter “C”. I decided to make it country like, the paint is an oiled based chocolate brown with lace around it and pink glitter around it. I liked all of this project because i like doing hands on activities and i know how to work all the tools because my dad works with the tools and its easy for me to learn it and  work with it.

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