Silly Ideas

Tori Baltierrabird

When given the opportunity to make a product of my choice, I didn’t have any ideas. Everything I thought of didn’t sound creative enough or even possible to complete. There were no guidelines or a set of rules to follow, and as Mrs. Sauter had told us, the sky was the limit. I always would joke around with my teammates, Chloe and Nicole about what we thought were silly ideas. There were jokes about making a giant shoe, a giant cake, a fish tank, and even bird clothes.

Mrs. Sauter had been walking by when my group was discussing how funny it would be if we actually chose bird clothes. We told Mrs.Sauter all about the idea and she was very supportive about it and convinced us that if wasn’t as silly as had thought. We soon became very attached to the idea and really wanted to create it for the Maker Faire. Nicole even suggested to make a mini closet to store the series of clothing items that we were planning on making for my bird. Soon after Nicole said that, Chloe came up with the idea to make little hangers out of paperclips. That’s when I realized this “silly’’ idea wasn’t actually that bad.

Many times we over think our ideas and don’t really stop to try and think about the outcome. There’s a reason why the design process was created, so we could analyze our constraints, as well as our abilities and learn from our mistakes. To conclude, everyones ideas are different and sometimes silly, but every idea shouldn’t be second guessed no matter how impossible.

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