Topographic map

Topographic maps
By: Ariela Velaquez
In science class we had an assinment to go to pltw and make a topographic map of what ever state we had gotten. I choose Paoha Hawaii, so me and anyone else that had the same state that I have had to group together to make one topographic map.
Lestle s, Leslie M, Zoey R and I worked together to create a wonderful topographic map. To be honest all of us were confused. We had to use a program called adobe illustrator. We had to find a picture of a topographic map to cut out so we find the right picture we needed. The thing that was hard was not finding the picture, it was tracing the picture! It took forever! When Ms. Sauter told us you needed patients to trace it BOY SHE WAS RIGHT! To make the job a little easier for ourselves everyone I the team helped out and at least do 2 lines to trace.
Once we were done with tacing that’s when my skills and knowledge came in. I was the expert at laser cutting. I was the teachers and my teammates where the students. I knew exactly what to do. I got straight to the computer that was connected to the laser cutter. I opened the file to check if everything was right. Then I went to properties and made sure everything was perfect so I won’t burn the whole entire school, then I sen the file to the laser cutter. When the file was sent to the laser cutter I quickly checked if the cardboard was good on its bed and that the cardboard was wet. Then when I was ready for it to cut I pressed the button that does it al… Go.
The laser cutter did its job. It cutter perfectly and everything turned out the way it was suppose to be. Once we glued all of our pieces together we created one beautiful topographic map. We were the first ones in the whole entire class to be done! 🙂 All of the team and I were so proud of ourselves because we
worked hard and we worked as a team.

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