Mission Statement- Rebecca B.

ARS Mission Statement: Blog Post


In PLTW, we are always learning and testing out new things. There are usually mostly related to something biomedical, like creating a prosthetic leg, or engineering, like making a mini bridge, or something else related to media tech. Yes, the module I did was media tech related, but it was more than some project about making a birdhouse or creating a camera. This module was different. It was related to the school.


The module I did was the mission statement video. We had to create a video where we showed videos modeling our mission statement. My group worked very hard, collecting a variety of footage from around the school. We had the videos organized by first having the mission statement videos, with a voiceover of my group saying the mission statement, then after that we had some fun videos of some parts of the school, girls working hard, and even some funnier scenes. Throughout that part of the video, we had music playing.


In our mission statement, we had the title of the school when it says “The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders dedicates itself to…”. After that, when it says “attend and graduate from college” we had video footage of our school’s college center. Following that, when it the mission statement says “commit to a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle”, we had footage of our school’s volleyball team playing volleyball in the gym. For the rest of the video, along with what the statement says, we would have things like girls working, or girls working on things in our maker space. I thought we did a pretty good job of portraying the mission statement in our videos.

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