Catherine Gavin- Laser Cutting&Module

While working on the topographic maps we were learning the basic routes of the design program, and how to apply the knowledge we were learning in science and apply it to real programs, such as the laser cutter, and make something real, instead of just a simulation, like we would in any other class. And in combining the things we learned in science, and through the laser cutting, we will now be applying THAT information to the module we are now working on now, which is Computer Automated drafting. We thought that this would also lead well into the Maker Project I am planing to work on, which involves both laser cutting, 3D printing, and the Inventor program.

While Completing this module/project I was not particularly “sparked” with any emotions, but I did feel impressed with myself in that I felt although this was something that maybe even a professional could have done. I worked very hard on the laser cutting, and was very happy with the outcome. Aswell with the Computer Automated drafting module, I think even someone with a degree like my mom would have trouble figuring out the program. I felt very proud of myself with it aswell.

I think because now so many fields are technology based, having a background in things like design, and 3D printing could give me a boost in really any field, especially in the future. Also because you do so many things with this, you can really just have this as a base, and be able to more strongly branch of of the concrete base that was given to us. I recently saw a whole car that was 3D printed, which really goes to show how with this knowledge you are able to apply it into something even bigger and better.

During this module and project I think that I contributed quite a lot. Although I was not specifically titled this, or given the job, I really took charge and made sure that things got done, and really acted as a manager would. Elly and I, although we’re not the cartographers decided to work on it anyway, because if we didn’t do it no one would, and so we got it done and finished. And now during this module, we are much more a “group”, as in there is no single person that is fully in charge, and we all work together. I think that what I could have done better would be to contribute less to one thing and have a more diverse working method.

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