Prosthetics module & maker project by Andrea S.

This semester I completed the Prosthetics module for the Biomedical pathway.  The main idea of the module was to learn about medical innovations. The challenge was to create a functional prosthetic lower leg for a client in need, I worked alongside my teammates to successfully construct the prosthetic. We researched about prosthetic designs and took ideas to use as inspiration for our own design. When it came to the fabrication of the prosthetic lower leg we collected materials found in school and used that to construct it.


We were able to come up with a successful design in a short amount of time, which I think  the experiences that we’ve acquired from the completed modules this past semester, have facilitated these recently completed ones. The modules I’ve completed have taught me how to work efficiently and creatively. Since we’ve also been switching groups at the beginning of each new module, I’ve gotten to work with many people whom all have different working styles and ideas, which have made me a better work partner and a good listener with an open mind.


Getting so much knowledge out of each module, has provided me with a strong foundation for me to build off of. Which is exactly what I will be needing in two weeks when I fill in my maker project application with my group. If it wasn’t for the modules, I wouldn’t know how to commence a project that seems unattainable and executing it successfully would be super stressful. Another great thing about the modules, is that you get the opportunity to learn how to work with cool tools and machines that can take your project to the next level. We’ve gotten to work with the laser cutter, The 3D printer, the miter saw and much more.


Completing this most recent module was fun and taught me new material and skills. I think I am really prepared and am very excited and can’t wait to continue onto my maker project, it seems like it’s going to be a great experience.

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