How the Modules Influenced my decision by: Anjelica Arias

How the modules influenced my decision

I have done about one, if not more than one of the modules for each pathway. I only finished one of the, which was Media Technology. I enjoyed all of the parts of the Media Tech modules, the first Media Technology module I did I created a pinhole camera and took a picture of the back of the school which was pretty easy to make. The only hard part about it was trying to figure out how to take the picture and develop the picture. It didn’t turn out perfectly like we all expected the picture would look like, but it was the first time and not everything goes right on your first try.

The second module I finished was creating blog posts like I am doing now. We do blog posts every six weeks but we had to create a specific one with our group members, it really didn’t deal with cameras but it did have a lot to do with the media. It did really help with if you were to go into something with the media, like creating blog posts and you already had experience with people who can read your blog posts online. It wasn’t so hard since we all had an idea of what to write about, the only thing that could make it hard was how you could word it or trying to describe something specific about something.

The final module that I completed in the Media Tech pathway was, creating a video that related to our mission statement and our school. This one gave me more of view of what you are expected to do in Media Tech. I really enjoyed filming the video, it was something that I have always wanted to do, and anything that related to computers. I have taken a liking to computers since I was younger, my grandfather works on fixing computers and he always would talk about them which made it fascinating since I would always play on the computer when I was younger.

All of these modules helped me choose my pathway for high school. Biomed isn’t something that I am into, I don’t like looking into other bodies and dissecting them. It doesn’t seem like I would enjoy that, since I wasn’t able to handle dissecting a frog in seventh grade. As for engineering, I really did enjoy building a birdhouse, but I didn’t feel like it would be something that I would want to look into.

Computers and filming is something that I really have a passion for, I didn’t think that it would be something that I would have done in eighth grade. I am really happy that the PLTW class that I have helps me in choosing that I want to do with my high school life. If I took PLTW last year, I wouldn’t have gotten to take a look at what I could expect from each pathway. It would have just been what I would most likely thought of at the last minute.

I am happy that I had the chance to finish these modules and that it helped me to decided what I want to take next year.

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